About Buddy

Buddy showed up in Dave and Susan Harrison’s yard one day and refused to leave. They thought such a well-behaved dog had to belong to someone, so they took him to the local animal shelter to check and see if anyone had reported him missing, and then the local vet to see if he had a chip. He did not.

Since nobody came forward to claim him, the Harrisons decided to take Buddy in. Right away they got him a collar with his name and their phone number on it so he’d be able to find his way home if he ever got lost again.


About the Author

Dave Harrison is an international finance executive, corporate board director, and serves on several nonprofit boards. He and his wife have lived and worked in three countries outside the United States. Family education, travel and photography top the list of Dave’s interests.

In addition to the Buddy book series that he and Gladys Tripp are working on, he is writing an economics primer for adults and has a scientific religious book in the works. Dave is the father of two adult children, grandfather to five children, and lives with his wife, Susan, a United Methodist Minister, near Charlotte, N.C.


About the Illustrator

Gladys Tripp is an executive administrative assistant and self-taught watercolor artist. She has an interest in research, reading and music. Nature’s beauty, fascinating varieties of animals, and the joy on the faces od children are her inspiration.

She grew up on a family dairy farm in Pierz, Minn., with six siblings. She is an avid gardener.
Gladys has two adult children, two grandchildren, and lives with her husband, Dave, and their dog near Minneapolis, Minn.