They Call Me Buddy takes you across the world with Buddy the dog, an Australian Silky Terrier, as he wanders off from owner to owner. The story brings you a tremendous amount of education on each continent. Teaching a student or child about various areas of the earth, becomes an adventure through the dog’s various relationships new people, children, and dogs. As an adult reader, you will even find yourself learning a great deal. Where will Buddy go next?"

— Joseph Anderson / J. Will

This new children's book is terrific. It's based loosely on a real story about a real dog. They Call Me Buddy had its origin when a lost dog appeared in the author's back yard one day. After trying to find the dog's owner and not succeeding, the author and his wife adopted the dog and named him Buddy. The book is about Buddy's (imagined) travels around the world. It's a geography book for kids 6 to 12, with a great sub-story line about the kindness of people anywhere in the world. The book has lots of facts about the places Buddy visits, a well as a story line that kids enjoy, and lots of watercolor illustrations."

— Polly Hollis

This is an amazing book chronicling such a fun adventure with Buddy! It is very easy for kids to understand and allows them to learn geography at the same time. Worth every penny!"

— Brendan Gates

This is an excellent children's book. It has a fun storyline and vibrant illustrations that will keep kids interested while teaching world geography. Our son has requested it as a bedtime story for a week straight!"

— review