I am grateful for the support of many family and friends that helped with the editing of “Buddy.” I wish to thank graphic artist Kathy Davis, IT guru and genius Nathan Dent, illustrator Gladys Tripp, book designers Dan and Josie Pitts and author and advisor Suzanne Ruff, for their dedication to the spirit of Buddy.

I wish to thank our young readers who helped me with suggestions. They include: Jacob and Joseph Adams, Lilli Duff, Sophie and Lachie Firek. Sam and Luke Gustafson, Aidan, Quinton and Tyler Haines, Kyndal Harrison, Adrianna, Bridgette, Samantha Haynes, Sophie and Nathan Hillman, Greta, Judd, Kade and Owen Layton, Danielle and Timothy Locklair, Joanna Mai, Ava and Toby Mercer, Evrett and Owen Monahan, Lukas, Owen and Skyler Ness, Bennett, Bradley and Dexter Pay, Rob and Will Perious, Peyton Pettipiece, Josh Puckett, Ella Spohn, Anna and Kate Thompson, and Milo Thul.


Honoring the authors, friends, librarians, and teachers for their role in improving the book’s storylines: Katherine Allan, Katherine Barton, Roy Bergquist, Kathryn Birken, Jenna Blomgren, Kelly Carter, Noah Davis, Scott and Carolyn Duff, Talica Ervin, Marcin and Kath Firek, Skip and Angie Harrison, Susan Harrison, Mary and Mike Haynes, Kathy Krantz, Katherine Kreatz, Sandra Lamartine, Makayla McMinn, Natasha Mercer, Gloria Monahan, Rebecca Monahan, Nikki Perious, Shannon Pettipiece, Clete Poser, Steve and Kerry Puckett, DeAnn Rosen, John and Terry Schaefer, Robin and Dan Spohn, Christie Sturgeon, Bobby Summers, and Sandy Werts.

Could I have done it alone? No way! Thank you so very much to this team of experts!

My special thanks to my wife Susan and our children Robin and Skip, for their daily love and support.